Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow fun

Wow!! Two posts in two days, I think that's a new record for me. This morning my youngest kidlet came and asked if he could borrow a carrot for the nose of his snowman. I said sure, thinking that one cute snowman in the front yard would be fun. Well, I ended up with six (yep, count 'em, six) snowmen in my front yard.

I know it's not the greatest pic, and it's kind of hard to see the one on the far left, but there are six of them - one for each of us and the dog (who, ironically, is supposed to be the biggest one on the far right. I say ironically because we have a corgi, who while somewhat overweight, is still very, shall we say, vertically challenged LOL!!) You can even see the carrot nose on the snowman on the far right if you look closely. I just had to share these guys cuz I think they are so darned cute.
I was going to share some pics of the Christmas decorations here, but since blogger and my pictures are not playing nice (might have something to do with the weather too), I'll just save those for another day. Hope everyone stays warm!

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