Wednesday, July 15, 2009

County Fair

Ok, I want to know where my summer's gone? It's less than two weeks to County Fair and my children have exactly zip - zilch - nada done in the way of projects for 4-H. Where's my daughter's beautiful (and completed) quilt?! Why, she's made four blocks - out of like twenty something! And her batting project, where she was going to compare different battings? Well, those are still all in the box. Let's not even talk about my son - he kind of gave up on everything but his cattle this summer. Oh well, I guess I need to let go of the "perfect" mother thing and keep remembering "it is what it is" - my new favorite phrase!

Since we're talking about kids and 4-H today, here's a recent shot of my three hooligans:

Aren't they just adorable?! I can't believe how big they are getting. Must be all that food they're inhaling this summer. At least I hope they're inhaling it cuz my grocery bill is phenomenal. Otherwise I'm just eating it all and that's really not good - at least for my butt!

I'll leave you with a shot hubby took earlier this spring. The cow is my son's show heifer from last year and that's her calf. You can see our house in the background and the farm a little behind our house. Home sweet home.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What do you mean I don't do anything!?

Last night, we're sitting outside at Culver's enjoying a lovely (definition: I didn't have to cook it) alfresco dinner, and my mother innocently asks me what's going on tomorrow. My WONDERFUL (said with heavy sarscasm) hubby snorts and starts laughing. What is it with men?? If I'm not out working on the farm somewhere with him, then I'm "not doing anything"!! Let's not talk about the cooking, the cleaning, the clothes washing, and all the hundred million errands that need to be done to make things go around here. All those are "nothing", I guess!! Think I'll just go sew, or read a book, or knit. Maybe then I'll feel a little better. Of course, those definitely fall under the heading of "nothing", but then again maybe I don't care LOL!! And then I'll have something to show next time I actually decide to post. Yeah, that's a plan. See ya later!