Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What do you mean I don't do anything!?

Last night, we're sitting outside at Culver's enjoying a lovely (definition: I didn't have to cook it) alfresco dinner, and my mother innocently asks me what's going on tomorrow. My WONDERFUL (said with heavy sarscasm) hubby snorts and starts laughing. What is it with men?? If I'm not out working on the farm somewhere with him, then I'm "not doing anything"!! Let's not talk about the cooking, the cleaning, the clothes washing, and all the hundred million errands that need to be done to make things go around here. All those are "nothing", I guess!! Think I'll just go sew, or read a book, or knit. Maybe then I'll feel a little better. Of course, those definitely fall under the heading of "nothing", but then again maybe I don't care LOL!! And then I'll have something to show next time I actually decide to post. Yeah, that's a plan. See ya later!


Behind My Picket Fence said...

That's so cool - another Minnesota farm girl! We're in the minority. Just checked out your site and I really love your Kansas Troubles little quilt. Great pattern and colors.
We just got 3" of rain. Not a happy day. Ya know?

Marie said...

Enjoyed your post and got a laugh. What you had to say sounds so familiar! I hope you will post more often.