Saturday, February 7, 2009

OK, where did January go? - and a donkey!

What I want to know is how it got to be February already?? I mean, come on, it seems these days that all I have to do is blink and several weeks fly by. At least I have been getting something accomplished. I have been bitten by the knitting bug again, hard!! I say again because I am one of those "on again, off again" kind of knitters. And it seems that I only really want to knit in the wintertime. But then a couple of weeks ago, someone on one of my lists mentioned Ravelry and I went to check it out. If you have any interest at all in knitting, go join this cool site. Anything to do at all with knitting is on there. My favorite part is where I can enter in a pattern or a yarn and see what other people have made - really inspirational!

Anyhow, since I've been knitting, I've finished a felted booga bag that's been hanging around way too long in an unfinished state. I've also made my daughter a winter hat - all that it needs now is the brim. The pattern I used is in the book "Stitch and Bitch Nation". I will try to talk her into modeling it when I get the brim finished.

Ok, now on to the donkey. I know that part of the title got your interest, didn't it? Well, this blog is about anything to do with faming too. I realize there hasn't been alot of that content on here lately, but now you'll get it - in spades! Don't say I didn't warn you!

This is Lucy. She's a mammoth donkey, which I guess (from what I've read on the web, anyhow) makes her kind of special. According to one site, there are most probably fewer than 5000 mammoth donkeys in the world. In the pic above she's getting to know our horses, who were extremely curious about her. She, on the other hand, could really have cared less.

Is this not just the dang cutest little donkey ever? These pictures were taken at the farm where we bought Lucy - they're neighbors of ours and have quite a few donkeys.

I'm sure you're wondering why the heck did you get a donkey? Well, since we show cattle, that means teaching alot of cattle how to respect a halter. For the most part we try to do this when they are younger, which means smaller, which means less chance of getting hurt. Some cattle break to halter really easy and some take quite a bit more work. DH had back surgery just a little over a year ago and has decided that he needs to be a little kinder to himself. That's where Lucy comes in - we will tie the calves to her and let her break them. The nice thing about a donkey is that when she wants to move, the calf will have no choice but to go with her and when she doesn't want to move, the calf will have no choice but to stay put. Saves DH's back - and she's just really fun too.

Well, I'd better go - I'm working on a valentine's day runner that is all layered and ready to quilt, so I'm trying to finish that this weekend. Hopefully I'll have some pics to share by Monday. Have a great evening.

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